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Be all that you are.

In the past, I unconsciously subscribed to the notion that you should focus on ONE thing… but I’ve since learnt that when you have more than one God-given gift (talent), you must trade and do business with them ALL

Be all that you are  "

As a first generation Nigerian, born and raised in the United Kingdom—London to be precise—I inherited my business genes from my hard-working parents.

They were, and still are, serial entrepreneurs, so I grew up seeing them run various enterprises and businesses with multiple streams of income. I thought this was the norm but I later discovered that this was not normal for many. 


At the age of 11, my parents' split resulted in disastrous financial consequences that sparked my commitment to design and live my life in a way that would always give me OPTIONS. That was the event that made me commit to never being at the mercy of one place or thing. 

I realised I had an inherent gift from God for understanding numbers and making them work for me, so it was only logical to become professionally qualified in my natural area of skill. Management Accounting was the career and path I chose. After more than 17 exams, I became a fully chartered accountant and before long, I was working on multi-billion pound projects for a variety of government organisations and eventually moved on, and up, to also work in two of the “Big 4” global accountancy firms. 

With over a decade of experience in Finance, I take the skills and experience I have acquired and combine it was my passion for serving people, to set up BeniRatio Finances in 2018.

2018 was also the same year that the Woman ON Purpose Ministry vision was given, with it formally starting in 2019. Since then, I have been speaking publicly to hundreds of people across the UK and beyond. I published my first book in 2020, and have since also been offering financial coaching to company Directors. 


We all want one thing: FREEDOM. Whether this is freedom from the weight of finance and accounting requirements of running a business; freedom to awaken, activate, and ignite God-given purpose in you; freedom from the rat-race of a 9-5; or freedom to create options for yourself and create generational wealth. 


My mission is to help everyday business owners become the global companies and brands of tomorrow, with real solutions and actionable steps to achieve the financial freedom they deserve and live the life they have been dreaming of. I do this all based on Kingdom principles. 



You may know me as Benedicta or Raye. I’m the Director of BeniRatio Finances and Your Favourite Accountant who is determined to help business owners make sense of their numbers and create financial foundations to find sustainable success. I’m a lover of God, the bible, and the words of God’s Wisdom and wise conversations.

I’m the Woman ON Purpose lady who leads women through a series of teachings that show the different roles biblical women played and how this should awaken them to LIVE and WALK in line with God’s purpose here and now, in the 21st century, because He CREATED them ON purpose. 

I’m a published author and public speaker. 

I’m a wife to my amazing support system, Love, and partner, Eniwo, where we proudly express the Father's heart and love through prophetic worship, songs, poems, teachings and more as the Spirit leads through his worship ministry. 

I’m also, last but not least the Finance & Freedom Coach who helps 9-5 professionals have a clear finance plan to get out of the “rat race” and help existing business owners set their companies up for scalability and growth to ultimately be free, to live life at the top of their pyramid. 



" Benedicta is patient, knowledgeable, professional and was willing to share useful information to benefit my business and facilitate the accounting process with ease. "




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